T.H.E. Summer Camp 2019_Mentor Recruiment

T.H.E Summer Camp 2019

Title: Volunteer Mentor

A Mentor with T.H.E. (Tourism, Hotel, Event) Summer Camp 2019 program is a caring, responsible, adult volunteer who serves as a trusted friend and guide to students from T.H.E. Summer Camp 2019. She / he helps to ensure that students develop important knowledge and life skills especially in the Hospitality industry, is exposed to knowledge / experiences and new opportunities, make positive life choices, and complete the program with a plan for pursuing their future education / career in the hospitality industry.

⚡️ The Mentor’s Responsibility⚡️
Every volunteer mentor should:
????Be able to commit to spending daily engaged in a mutually agreed-upon activity with a group of students (10) throughout the Camp.
????Communicate with students to ensure students are well aware and comply with T.H.E. Summer Camp itinerary / activities / regulations????Honor, all commitments made to the students and be respectful of the student’s time, opinions, and decision-making.
????Serve as a positive role model by modeling desirable behaviors, e.g. patience, tolerance, and reflective listening.
????Be comfortable and able to establish appropriate boundaries with the students
????Be encouraging and supportive of the students
????Help the students develop a milestone plan for completing their current education and going on to further education or work.

All Mentors must:

⚡️Be 22 years of age at the minimum
⚡️Having minimum of IELTS 6.5 or equivalent
⚡️Successfully complete an interview with G’Connect Hospitality Education
⚡️Exhibit a genuine concern for high school / university aged students and be willing to communicate with program staff / submit activity information
⚡️Nor use illicit drugs / alcohol or controlled substances in an inappropriate manner


➡️Make a difference in the life of a youth / student
➡️Learn about yourself, personal growth
➡️All travels / accommodations expenses are covered plus pocket money
➡️Contribute to the community and have fun

Submit your application and attached a CV with 2 referees and a copy of a photo ID to email: thanh.nguyen@gconnect.edu.vn
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