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  1. Basic Functions:

Responsible for a complete overview of housekeeping and laundry operation, all aspect of cleaning of the hotel (both inside and outside of the building) responsible for the inventory systems, be able to work closely on the handle stock taking, maintain, train and direct a large work force. Should also, to a degree, have a capable knowledge of laundry operations and possess communication and administrative skills.


  1. Duties and Responsibilities:

– Ensuring a high standard return of guest rooms.
– Providing an effective training to develop skills of all employees in this department to excel on the standard.
– Maintaining thorough up to date inventory of all stocks that is being held and providing regular up to date checks concerning this inventory.
– Providing cleaning schedules that will encompass all areas, and will be covered by competent capable and trained individuals.
– Handling all “Lost & Found” articles that are retrieved. Ensuring that this policy is vigorously maintained and that articles once identified are returned to the client directly.
– Working closely with F&B in providing scheduling for carpet cleaning and back-up cleaning.
– Ensuring that proper key controls are in place, key log-book is signed by the supervisor and spot checks are conducted.
– Ensuring that par levels of linen, towels and uniforms are current. Send a summary to the accounting department. Conduct an accurate linen inventory on a monthly basis.
– Conducting regular communication meetings among housekeeping employees.
– Ensuring that hygienic and safe conditions in work practices are being followed.
– Directing and maintaining his/her employees to provide a continuously energetic and competent work unit, able and ready to perform at all times.
– Responsible for inventory of guest supply and mini-bar inventory of each period.
– Controlling overtime through good management and immediate response to problems.
– Ensuring that the laundry department is capably of running and that performance is up to the highest standard in the industry.
– Ensuring that particular attention to special VIP rooms.
– Ensuring that all employees follow the proper dress code and wear the correct uniform.
– Providing and carrying out disciplinary procedures as required.
– Responding to all guest problems and correspondences immediately.
– Ensuring all equipment used is to the highest standard. Providing regular maintenance checks. Ensuring that safety is not compromised and all equipments are operable and properly maintained.
– Complete regular forecasts of business levels, manpower and expenses.
– Maintaining a regular quality control inspection as to measure department standards.
– Developing and maintaining a motivational working environment within the department and positive relations with other departments.
– Providing employee counseling, support and guidance if needed.
– Maintaining a cost effective roster system which responds to the occupancy level efficiently.
– Training employees to become multi-skilled in all facets of housekeeping and related departments.
– Maintaining an annual leave roster for low occupancy periods.
– Initiating measures to minimize all wastage of materials and amenities are used in the department.
– Attending training and meetings sessions as required.
– Conducting duties or tasks as directed by the hotel management.

  1. Requirement: 
  1. Job Profile & Qualifications:

– At least Bachelor degree in any field
– At least 5 years experience in housekeeping management in one of in international hotels with evidence of track record of achievements
– Strong inter-personality and leadership skills
– Proficiency in English and computer literate
– Strong in driving results, people management and development

  1. Career Advancements:
    – Not inclusive; varies by experience and scope of previous positions
    – Director of Rooms Operations